angling offroad travelsWhat if the sky becomes your play ground and at the same time something wonderful happens in the pit of your stomach. In India, the Paragliding is one of the most sought after Aero Sports. Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal are claimed to be the Paradise for the Paragliding.

Right from Dhauladhar ranges to the Great Himalayas, one can enjoy the thrills of Manual flying. That`s what Paragliding's all about. One has to believe the unseen while paragliding. To fly a paraglide is to hold God's hand, that's what has been said by Badmoon.

Destinations for paragliding

angling offroad travelsManali - Himachal Pradesh.
The ample geographical conditions of Manali are perfect for all the grades of Paragliding. Any person above 15 years of age and weighing between 45 to 85 kgs can paraglide. Solang Nala, at the height of 8135 feet near Manali is one such place which offers adventurous activities throughout the year. If you are a true adventure seeker, this aero sport will offer you everything which would rush the adrenaline.

Billing - Himachal Pradesh (2600 m).
Billing in Kangra valley is said to be one of the finest paragliding destinations in India. Billing is the take off site and Bir is the landing site for paragliding. The distance between the two sites is 14 kms and the entire stretch promises one of the best cross country flying.

Essential Gliding Gears

The important gliding gears are a glider, harness, safety helmet, a life jacket, variometer and ankle support shoes.

Guidelines for Paragliding

1. One should be mentally and physically fit
2. Acrophobias not allowed(people who are afraid of height)
3. People suffering from high or low blood pressure should not paraglide
4. One needs to be over 15 years of age and weigh between 45 to 85 kgs

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