angling offroad travelsWith an estimated 52,000 km of waters i.e. rivers, streams and lakes, India offers to be one of the most satisfying angling destinations. Giants like the Ganga and its tributaries, the Brahmaputra, the Krishna, the Yamuna and the Kaveri are nestled with a wide range of fish like Mahseer, Rohu, Katli and Trout. India`s rivers have roughly 33 species of freshwater fish especially brown trout, famous as a haven for the anglers. It probably won’t be delayed before the expert anglers will be able to spin some of the largest ones to Indian rivers. The most important tool one can carry along with them is Patience and the trait to keep mum and quiet for hours.

Destinations for Angling

angling offroad travelsPathankot - River Beas near Pong Dam.
A paradise for the Mahseer lovers is one of the most sought after destinations for the angling. Fishes like Golden Mahseer (Hunch Back), Silver Mahseer, Black Mahseer, Neugal, Binwa and Aiwa are found largely in the tributaries. Spread at the distance of about 30-40 km, the dam has everything to offer from 4 kg to a 14 kg giant, what needs is expertise.

Himachal Pradesh - Tirthan River.
Thanks to Himachal Pradesh Government, Tirthan River has been declared as an angling reserve. The hydro power projects are not allowed on this river so as to preserve the aquatic biodiversity which has satisfied every angler in the past. Filled up with Wild Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout, there are number of areas where one can set base for angling.

Best time for Angling


Things required for Angling

Licenses and permits - Fishing licenses are mandatory for all the anglers. Once the trip is decided, we will make sure the same is provided. The licenses are not issued during the monsoon because most of the species breed during that time.

Things to bring

Apart from patience, one needs to bring rods, lines, hooks, reel, flies, spinners and spoons.

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