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Beaches in Goa

beach holidays offroad travelsThe beaches in Goa are warm, sensuous and very inviting. That`s how people portray Goa, it lies in the heart of beaches with one of the most beautiful ones in the world.

Promising to deliver the best possible, Candolim and Bambolim beaches are few offbeat ones still very secured and untidy from the commercialised fanatics.

Candolim Beach

beach holidays offroad travelsCandolim Beach Candolim is a beach that is very much in North Goa. The most basic attraction is Aguda Fort & Calangute Beach. Candolim Beach is quite peaceful than other beaches of Goa. This sandy stretch runs into Calangute Beach, a busy and commercialized centre. The beach itself is long and straight, backed by scrub-covered dunes, which is very popular with package tourists. These beaches are quite peaceful and it is a dispersed village with no real centre.

Candolim is very quite, and this is due to the fact that there aren’t resorts all around the beach. It's a subtle mixture of people taking break from the Rajneesh Ashram in Pune, Tourist for long and short-term period, and nature lovers. Candolim Beach is a part of a long stretch of beach coastline along the Arabian Sea that begins at Fort Aguada and ends at Chapora Beach. Candolim is also the birth place of Abbe Faria. Abbe Faria is considered to be one of the Great Goan Freedom Fighters and also the Father of Hypnotism.

Bambolim Beach

beach holidays offroad travelsBambolim beach is a small, clean, largely undiscovered beach, in a shaded spot before the mouth of the river Zuari. The entrance to the beach is easily missed and lies along the hill between Goa Medical College and the Goa University.

The road goes all the way down to the Bambolim beach resort from where you can make your way to the beach. The beach is carpeted with broken mother-of-pearl and other shells, which makes it a haven for shell-collectors. Thick coconut groves line the beach and provide shade and privacy. It’s a beautiful beach for a quiet, cosy picnic. Moreover the calm and peace one witness here would be rejoiced lifelong.
Best Time to Visit: November-March.

Beaches in Kerala

beach holidays offroad travelsKerala is known throughout the world as one of the world's best beach destinations. The beaches of Kerala are beautiful stretches of clean sand, fringed by swaying palm trees on one side and rippling waves on the other. You can have a memorable beach holiday on the beaches of Kerala on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater.

Relax on the golden sands of the beaches of Kerala, stretch out in the shade of the rows of palm trees along the beaches, drink the refreshing juice of a tender coconut and have an ayurvedic masseur, treat you to an ayurvedic massage while on Beach tours of Kerala. Feel completely rejuvenated after a tour of the beaches in Kerala with Kerala Backwater.

Kovalam Beach

beach holidays offroad travelsKovalam, is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Kerala. If you're on a Beach tour of Kerala with Kerala Backwater, then Kovalam Beach in Kerala, India, is a must-visit on your Kerala Beach Tour itinerary.

Kovalam Beach located 10 Km from the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, consists of three continuous crescent-shaped beaches. The three beaches are called Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach and Samudra Beach. All the three beaches have clear sandy expanses and are backed by waving palm trees. A cool sea breeze blows in from the Arabian Sea and the rhythmic waves roll onto the beach, to the delight of paddlers and swimmers. Kovalam is a natural bay on the Arabian Sea coast of Kerala and with its blue waters, white sand and green coconut trees looks like a picture postcard image of a tropical paradise.

Kappad Beach

beach holidays offroad travelsOn 27th May 1498, Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer landed on Kappad Beach, on the coast of Kerala. He had traveled around the coast of Africa by ship and was the first European to sail across the Arabian Sea. He arrived with three ships and 170 men after many weeks of travel by sea. Today you can fly at ease to beautiful Kappad Beach near Kozhikode in Kerala, India and see this historic beach on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater.

The sandy beach is backed by a rocky landscape with some rocks also strewn across the Kappad Beach. A pillar with the inscription "Vasco da Gama landed here, Kappakadavu, in the year 1498" marks the spot where history was made over 500 years ago. While on tours of Kappad Beach with Kerala Backwater you can see the local fisherfolk mend their nets and take their boats out to sea, in a routine that has continued for centuries. Vasco da Gama would have seen a similar sight when he landed on Kappad Beach. Kappad Beach is known locally as Kappadkadavu. A single large rock juts out to the sea from Kapapd Beach. On this rock is a temple that is said to be 800 years old. The nearby Korapuzha River empties into the sea alongside Kappad Beach.

You can see these historic sights on tours of Kappad Beach with Kerala Backwater. The pristine Kappad Beach has not fallen prey to beachfront developers and remains pristine. The idyllic Kappad Beach is a fitting entry point to God's Own Country. The calm beach with gently splashing waves makes it an idyllic beach holiday destination in Kerala. Enjoy a beach tour of Kerala with a visit to historic Kappad Beach with Kerala Backwater.
Best time To Visit: Aug and September November-March.

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