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OFFROAD TRAVELS is a complete destination Management company for India. The sole purpose of the OFFROAD is to create a memorable experience for the visitor and Making their vacation dreams come true. We May not be the most 'visible' in the market, but It’s our continuous relentless effort to be better in customer service. Sedentary or strenuous, for the beginners or experts, we offer a niche of Adventure to everyone.

We are not hunting for different people through OFFROAD TRAVELS, we are making them feel different by bringing challenges in their lives. We bring them an opportunity to live it in a distinct way which they thought was a distant possibility, considering the monotonous dry lives, which were hardly given any chance to think about what all they were missing.

OFFROAD TRAVELS creates its target audience, it doesn’t categorize them. This is just not about camping, rowing, trekking, bonfires, Safaris and all that which has been conventionally associated with all ORT, it`s about moments. ORT`s vision is to become a life altering phenomenon, and we need to start with those who can become our ambassadors and help us in justifying the theme of our company `experience the unexplored